Life during the great depression 

He was a American author who published more then twenty books. Most of his books were set in a Southernly area. His books are very widely known and are really good according to people.
The Dust Bowl was a agricultural, economic, and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the Great Plains. Poor farming practices, drought and high winds created useless farmland. Thousands of families had to move west to escape dust storms and to find jobs.
Shanty Towns are towns on the outside of major cities that consisted of poorly constructed houses. The houses were made of plywood, metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes. The town would lack supplies like water, electricity, and proper sanitation or other human needs.
The New Deal was a time time when many programs were enacted between 1933 and 1938. During this time the Democrats held the office of the White House for seven out of nine times. It was Franklin Roosevelt who did the most as the president serving 3 terms. Then during the second New Deal it focused mainly on labor unions.
During the Great Depression people lacked the neccessary supplies to live. This included food which bread lines were created for. People would line up and wait to receive free food.
A soup kitchen is a place were people go to receive food for free or at a reduced price. They are usually staffed by volunteers, churches and the salvation army. This helped people during the Depression to receive food to live.
Hoboes are people who were affected by the Great Depression the most. They had to find a place to live and even then it might have not been permanite. They did not have jobs and so they couldn't buy what they needed to live. They would have to ask for money and get food form soup kitchens.
The Hoover dam is a power plant where they use water to power turbines to create electricty. It helped people get jobs by people doing construction work. After all done it needed 21000 people worked on it.
The bonus army was a army of military vets. The people in it were looking for jobs to work. They also demanded cash payments.
It was a group that provided relief for unemployed, unmarried men. It was to find jobs for those people but at the same time implementing a natural resource conservation program.
She was a women photgrapher and writer. She was known for her best work during the Depression with the FSA.
It was a photo taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936. The photo is a mother holding her child.
Herbert Hoover was the 31st president of the United States. Early in his life he was a mining engginner in Austraila and other countries. And he also helped the Great Depression by lowering unemployment.
It was a group of people who set out in Tennessee to address major issues. These issues would include power, economics, and enviromental things. The qaulity of the Tennessee valley wasnt the greatest so thats why they were there.
The wagner act was one of the most important peices of legislative in the United States history. Robert Wagner a senator introduced it in 1935. It aided them to join and found unions.
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