Jaime Skubski's Color Gallery

This image is a good example of cool colors, being blue, green and a little bit of purple. These colors are all seen as cool colors giving a more calming effect.
This art piece is a representation of analogous colors. These two colors are directly next to each other on the color wheel, blue being the main color with shades of blue in the piece. The colors are in harmony with each other.
This piece is an example of complementary colors. These colors are opposite to each other on the color wheel, blue and orange. Also known as Da Bears. And these colors are both represented int he water, the sky reflecting on the water making orange appear and the blue of the water mixing.
This piece is an example of tetradic colors, light blue, blue, yellow and orange.
This piece of art is an example of tertiary triadic colors. These colors are blue-green, orange-yellow, and violet-red. There are primary and secondary colors that are adjacent on the color wheel.
This is an example of Secondary triadic with the colors purple, green and orange.
This is a piece that is an example of monochromatic, mono meaning one. This piece has one color, orange with multiple different shades and tones to create the image.
This image is an example of primary triadic colors. These colors represented are the three primary colors on the color wheel blue, red, and yellow.
This image is an example of split- complementary colors. On the color wheel the red and orange are close to each other on the wheel and blue is across the two colors on the wheel forming a triangle- blue, red and orange.
This is an example of Warm colors. This image contains red and orange shades that give an image a feeling of heat and stress and ironically enough it is an image of fire.
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