Texture-oil paint

Oil paintings

I chose this work because of the way our first president was presented in this painting
The colors in this are an interesting choice
I added this famous painting for its illusion
I love the colors and the setting of this painting. The people and animals are simplistic as well.
This looks abstract to me and I like it
This might be a baroque painting and the gentlemen in the middle are the main focus since they're in the middle and they're the lightest objects
I love the colors in this famous painting, it makes the mood and setting very calm and peaceful
This is a nice interpretation of the tower of babel.
The title of this caught my interest because it says "Coming from the mill" and no mill is in sight
I like the depth perception and perspective that is used in this
I like the light and shadow of this painting, it looks like this was done in midday
This one is interesting because the colors look muted
I find this to be peaceful because of the setting and how at peace the sheep are
I like this painting of a painting, I don't think anyone else did this at the time it was made
I love the bright vibrant colors and the funky shapes in the background