M&M Renaissance gallery

Mila Flores and Maya Kapoor

This painting reflects the Renaissance because the knight is wearing a very well detailed suit of armor and the creature he battled is mythical.
This statue is very detailed in the human anatomy. The drape of the robe and the position of the person shows power.
This is a rough sketch showing human anatomy. The detailed muscle shows the creases on a human and is a sign of strength.
This drawing shows the relationship with God the people during the Renaissance had.
This painting shows the Renaissance because the human figures are wearing fairly colorful clothing and the detail is also in the background.
This artwork is a very religious painting because the angles are watching over the people which shows the trust the people had back in this era.
This artwork shows a religious figure defending the people and slaying a mythical creature. It represents the trust the people during the Renaissance had in God.
The painting shows very detailed human anatomy and interesting poses. The halos hint at a religious theme as well.
Besides the obvious religious theme of angels the art is done with wood by carving into it. It also is extremely detailed with the wings of the angels that have been carved so perfectly into the wood.
This rough sketch tells us about how artists in the renaissance learned about human anatomy. Showing the muscle and notes written on the side describing the sketches
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