Expressing nature through color

These pieces showcase the intense use of color to create vibrant and real, representations of nature as a whole.

This painting truly shows colors ability to bring out the smallest details of nature. Creating a scene incredibly detailed and awesome.
With the bleak colors in this painting, the colors are used to create an almost dreamlike vision of the boats at sunset. Even though the painting is somewhat minimal, the colors set the atmosphere.
This painting expresses the true detail that is available in nature. This somewhat forgotten outlet for painting is show well by this incredible use of color.
This painting takes a somewhat different approach in its use of colors. Through the wide span of colors used it creates a surreal natural environment that not even the artist could title.
This painting takes minimalist approach to expressing the environment through very few colors. This painting is simple, but none-the-less impressive.
This tropical representation does an awesome job of showcasing nature in a fantastic light. The array of colors used makes for an almost fantasy like painting.
This painting shows a natural occurrence that many people forget to behold. The few colors used make for a mystifying representation of a starry night.
This somewhat controversial piece uses color to depict a natural tragedy that has most looking the other way. This painting shows nature in a somewhat saddening light.
This painting shows an intense scene of ships struggling at sea. This intense detail and colors make for an outstandingly epic painting of nature.
This painting uses colors and surrealist ideas to create a somewhat unsettling scene.
This diorama features a vibrantly colored scene that shows both nature and important ideas often controversial.
This painting utilizes both a wide span of colors and some impressive brush work. Nature is depicting quite beautifully in this piece.
This representation of a wooded landscapes how awesome nature can be represented with color.
The Grand Canyon is show as perfectively in the finely detailed painting. The artists utilizes color and texture techniques to represent this huge rock formation.
Without the variety of colors used by the artist the Romantic Landscape would only be a Landscape. Color allows artist to accurately represent nature.
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