Color Your World

My goal for the gallery was to show why street art is a necessary and such a integral part of our society. It gives those without the popularity or position to show off their talent. It takes our cold and dreary world and adds color. It adds life. 

I felt as if this picture was a good way of introducing my concept of the gallery; exposing the public to art outside of Museums. It shows the public that art can be found anywhere.
This piece encompasses New York City. Rubin 415 has essentially taken the city's jagged edges, its bluntness and its colorful bits of beauty in one picture.
In Barcode, the hint of pink littered throughout the work softens the thick, sketchy black lines and crude characters and objects. Futura, is noted as the pioneer of modern street art
HIGHRAFF's vibrancy and gratuitous use of geometric and organic shapes immediately caught my eye. His abstract take on stereotypical street art adds flavor to the streets of São Paulo.
One word encompasses this piece: contrast. Everything detail contrasts the other; the colors, the shapes and even the lines. Just like this piece of work, street art is a contrast to tradition.
The whimsical work of Mart is a fresh look on the typical cliché'd street art. His use of soft colors and distinct use of lines gives a fresh look to street art.
This, by far, is my favorite out of all the collection. Not only does it contrast the dilapidation of the wall , the abstract of the orange/blue pipes contrasts the cartoon inspired centerfold.
This piece is one of an entire mural of humanoid-like black figures. The public was allowed to put their worn graffiti on the artwork, making it more of a part of the community.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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