The inevitable Death

Think of being part of the first group of humans on Earth, well back then you didn't know much about where you were and the purpose of your own existence. All you could visualized is the vast lands around you full of life. You had no idea what lies in your future for your own people, thinking that after one generation and another that they would have a successful life. You did not think that everything around you would fall due to the destruction caused by your own people at one pint in time. This event is unknown to when it is supposed to happen but it has started when we have started to keep ourselves alive. It started when we had to gather food in order to maintain our health. So what did we do? we designed tools and weapons to only hunt animals to keep us living. As our community expands, there happens to be a divide among us and we separated into multiple groups. With the vast land around us, which we everyone will be free to room around is now separated into territories. The weapons we had created to gather food is now more advanced and are being used to kill our enemies, our own people. In our own community we have to make sure everything is 100%, by making shelter, clothing, and protecting ourselves. However we might lack in certain things that will be helpful to us so we trade with another tribe that has what we need and vice versa. We suffered from a few bumps and bruises on make sure we live a prosperous life, everyone is happy though and nature has been very prosperous itself. However from now on though the world will turn upside down, that doesn't mean everything will be horrible, with every positive outcome we create there is a consequence we suffer from. Sooner or later there will be a breaking point where everything will be disastrous and the world will be no more. With that being said, this gallery will portray the timeline of nature and technology(invention), capitalism and will bring out the final outcome, death.

The beginning of what seems to be a prosperous life but it is not.
Nature at its finest
Nature at its finest
The tools to living.
Mankind using the tools to hunt animals for food and their own protection.
Community is established with laws and jobs. Creation of tools and clothing is traded.
Weapons are advanced for protection, food, and invasion.
The continuation of killing and destruction.
The intro to global trading and capitalism. "What formerly was the domination of the product over the producer." (Marx, 276)
"It is clear that economics can grasp this entire development only as a factum and as the offspring of chance need." (Marx, 276)
The balance between nature and civilization cannot stay stable forever
"Death, for example, in nothing frightening." "To blame oneself is proof of progress. But the wise man never has to blame another or himself." (Epictetus, Enchiridion Chapter 3)
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