Hope and Exposed

The orange in this painting makes his shirt stand out and thus possibly showing his style or wealth.
I really like how suttle it is in this painting and how things are almost opposite colors yet seem to blend together naturally
I feel like glass is a huge talent when it comes to making it art, and bright colors are awesome when it comes to glass art.
The orange in this painting brings out the hatred and fiery area of "Hell" I love the blending of all the orange in the background.
The tree stands out quite well when it is bright orange. I like paintings that have things out of the ordinary and catch your eye.
This painting is really cool because I like How the "Virgin" Is in black clothing besides everyone else in the painting. The Angels and child are wearing orange as some sort of brightness or symbol.
I love that the only color in this painting is the sun. Kind of like a symbol of hope or something to look forward to.
The fire (coal burning) shows sort of an industrial side to the painting and shows how much we have improved as a country. Also it really sets the mood towards the moonlight.
The sun glimmering off the water is really interesting and shows kind of an emotion towards the people on the boats showing them its almost the end of the day.
I love when orange is the background of things. Really brings out whats in front.
The orange in this painting makes me like how it shows the time of day it is.
I love the orange and black contrasting in this painting. Makes the lines and squares easy to spot and stand out.
I like how all the men on horses have orange coats. Kind of makes them important to the painting and stand out.
The color orange really outlines and emphasizes the important things in this painting. It also gives a bit of color to the dark style of paint used.