This gallery is filled with images that I find to be beautifully composed. Whether it be the use of color or placement, these photographs are filling aesthetically.   

I love this photograph. It brings elements of symmetry and depth. It is also incredibly realistic, you can even see the light reflecting off the floors.
I chose this picture because it was a unique depiction of what i'm guessing to be the last super or just council with Jesus. I liked that its split into three sections with the red third being the focus.
This has incredibly symmetry with the two trees on each side and the chandelier as the center that divides the image. The placement of the little boy is really what brings the image together. It would be great without him but with him it creates a story the views automatically begins to figure out in their head.
This photo has definitive foreground, middle ground, and background. I found this interesting because the divide is subtle and progresses slowly to the light in the background.
This reminds me a lot of Salvador Dali's work. I really like the blurred line between the sky and ground, to me it looks like fog. The focus is obviously the very well detailed hat but what keeps me is the use of muted colors, something about this makes me feel a sort of sadness and longing.
This photo just pulled me in because it was interesting. When it comes to art, anything that holds the viewers eye for a long time is well composed. This one held my gaze for a while so I knew to add it.
This is my only piece of photography but i love the natural lines. Again, symmetry plays a really big role. The lines in this photograph lead our down the rest of the path using the trees and the shrubbery.
This picture has a lot of contrast between the subject and the background colors. It's bring and brings the viewer directly to the subject. It makes me wonder what the relationship between the man and the books are.
This painting for me is incredibly fantastic. The subject in the second women laying down but she's staring directly at us. I love that so much, I also like that the first womans face is slightly blurred. The colors and the expression create a really well expressed relationship between the characters.
This image is beautiful. I find myself darting back and forth between the men in the ship, the shallow sea's, and giant. This is a great depiction of the rule of thirds.
I chose this because it reminded me a lot of the American Gothic. I also love the context that it was portraits of each other. I like the layering, woman in front of man and the obvious technique differences.
I love the use of light in this painting, its so somber. The placement of the objects in this kitchen are so realistic, it pulls the memory of home from the viewer.
Kandeinsky's piece, delightfully titled Composition follows the rules of the golden spiral. This may just be my opinion but I do feel the need to jump and take a closer look.
I truly chose this picture because I have a secret obsession with cows. I like this because they are depicted as free, there's wide open spaces and they seem at ease. I also like how their feet sort of blur into the ground and into their shadows to suggest movement.
I love this photo because it uses the golden ratio and colors to its advantage. Its bright and pulls the viewers eyes up and across the painting.