Elements of Art

Line- In this piece of art, many different types of lines are everywhere. This makes your eyes move around the artwork. There are vertical and horizontal lines as well.
Shape- This piece of artwork is organic and geometric. I say this because it has clear edges, but it also flows. This piece of work is both simple because it has shapes to form a turtle.
Value- This artwork looks 3-dimensional because of its value and contrast between the light and the dark. It also creates realism by the contrast between light and dark, even though the lines help.
Form/Volume- This piece of artwork has a lot of density and weight to it to create the look of realism. It also looks very 3-dimensional.
Texture- This artwork is stimulated because of the level of nervous activity in it. It all flows very smooth and soft.
Space- This artwork has positive space because the area is occupied by the subject, which are the two horses. It is a 2-dimensional piece that overlaps is shallow.
Color- This piece of artwork contains red, blue, yellow and white. Red, blue and yellow are primary colors. The dominant color is either blue of white.
Credits: All media
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