Element of Texture

art 100

the implied texture of the rabbit's fur brings the painting to life as it makes the rabbit look real and gives the image dimension
the artist used implied texture to enhance the features of the man's hair and skin in the painting and bring him to life
I think watermelon has a unique texture that is accurately portrayed in this painting and makes the fruit look realistic
the real texture of this shirt portrays the idea that this piece of art has been worn out and was put through a lot before being put on display
Bakh effectively used real texture for the statue's hair and clothing
the real texture and frayed edges of this sash show that this piece was thoroughly used before being put on display and may cause an observer to wonder what the person wearing this sash had to endure.
the implied texture of the clouds in this painting adds mist to the scene and may help an observer imagine what it may feel like to be in the scene portrayed
the worn, soft, leather texture of this shoe shows that is had been worn extensively
the soft and smooth implied texture of Lady Dacre's skin gives her an image of elegance and grace
the contrast of textures of the nuts and grapes may cause the observer to image the difference in taste between the different foods
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