One Point Perspective 

"I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work." Julia Clark 

This is one point perspective because you can see the orthogonal lines. The lines are seen by the floor and ceiling. Also there is a vanishing point which is in the back of the room. There is mostly middle ground and background
This kind of has one point perspective because it has orthogonal lines. The foreground and middle ground are occupied by the angles. There is background but not very visible.
The background in this painting is the mountains, sky, and clouds. The middle ground is the town and houses. Then the foreground is the dirt/clay in front of the village.
There are orthogonal lines that are seen from the floors, walls, and ceiling. The vanishing point is in there is a little light. That's where the vanishing point is located. The horizon line is located below the vanishing point.
The foreground is the stairs that are in the front. These are also implied because they go off the paper. The foreground is also stairs with a person on the far left side of the paper. Then the background has stairs that suddenly end and a person walking up the stairs.
This has one point perspective because it has orthogonal lines that go to a vanishing point which is the corner of the room. Also you can see that the door follows the orthogonal line. The toys also become larger because they are more in the foreground then the back and middle ground.
The horizon line and orthogonal lines are very visible in this artwork. All the lines like on the floor, ceiling, and wall go to the vanishing point which is above or on the horizon line. You can see the details and how the lines follow to the vanishing point.
This as an orthogonal line that is mostly on the right. All of the buildings follow that line to the horizon. You can see in the background the smaller buildings and the trees, and in the middle and fore ground there is mostly the street and the building on the side.
You can see the orthogonal lines that lead to the bathtub. The foreground has some a mat and some clothes. Than in the back ground there is the bath tub. The middle ground has a sink and some other objects.
The fore ground has some trees and land. The middle ground has a temple or house, with more trees and bushes. And then the background has mountains and bushes.
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