Who doesn't like angels? The most innocent and peaceful figure anyone adore. In this angels in different forms, techniques, century, and backgrounds. The 1618 angel is realistic and has a scene to it. Little angel with dolphin from 1470 is a sculpture angel placed on top of a fountain. Musical Angel from 1522 is a colorful painting of an angel with the instrument, it is peaceful  and relaxing to look at this work. Helping Angel Window Panel from 1890 by John La Farge is an angel art on panel. Angel from 1987 by Mimmo Germana is an abstract modern style of colorful painting of angel. You can hardly identify this is an angel. The Guardian Angel from 2012 is located in an outdoor gallery, this work is painted on a wall. the angel figure is extremely simple with only a few lines and a circle with two dots. 

Credits: All media
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