a Vibrant Light sight

This exhibition's theme is "Vibrant and Light". This art exhibition brings out the bold and vivid colors and textures to show the true "Vibrant and Light" theme. The theme, "Vibrant and Light", is very symbolic as bright colors prove to make a person feel more pleasant and delightful. The textures and techniques used in each artwork create a calm and heart warming feeling especially with the restful colors used. The painting techniques are alike throughout the whole gallery, soft strokes are used along with light and rough stokes. These artworks really reflect on a soothing spring day, visualising the warmth and bloom in a beautiful and bright spring morning. The artwork "Cloud Study" is a clear example of a breathless take on a spring day and really links to the main theme, "Vibrant and Light".

This evidences the structural frame as it symbolises the clouds in the sky, showing it is a soothing structure to the theme.
This evidences the Cultural frame as it relates to a japanese flower blooming, even though it is a black flower it really symbolises calmness and soothingness against the light blue.
This artwork evidences the subjective frame as it creates a relaxing mood and really visualises a life of peace and wonders.
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