Life of ordinary people

Thiese drawings are about Korean Genre Painting by Hong-Do Kim. He describes life of ordinary people in Korea in the 18th cnetury.

this paint is about Korean traditional playing called SSIREUM. SSIREUM is a traditional sport its similar to wrestling, the rule is if one part of the body touch the ground you lose. Painter portray people's expressions very well. Also, psychological description is interesting.
This drawing is moment of plowing a rice field. He wants to show about hard farming. Agriculture is what ordinary people do for a living at that time. As you see in the drawing there are only mens, at the time all the hard work was done by mens.
Boys are playing traditional game with stone after working. For living, kids who have ordinary parents have to work starting from young age instead of studying. Old man are always watching them, to see if they are actually working hard.
The painting is called women in the washing place. An aristocrat steals a glance at them. Women usually do the house work, such as washing cloth, making food, and cleaning the house.Painter express this situation humorously.
The nobleman is watching the workers if they are working hard. The people who are working is usually poor people they are usually slaves.The worker can't stop working until the nobleman tells them to stop. The worker also can't eat until the nobleman tell them.
This painting is about village school called SEODANG. These people are usually the rich peoples son and daughters.Artist describe people's expression such as laughter and tears. Therefore, it is a visual and auditory painting.
This painting is showing the tradespeople are going back home after work. They usually go out to the city which is usually a long journey. People are smoking and chilling during the way back home. This is the only genre painting with to piece of painting put together.
Worker are building the house. The house owner watches the people with an anxious look. There are no day and night they can't stop working until the house is done. The workers usually don't get paid, after building the house they usually have party just to get the stress out.
One mudong is dancing at the joyous feast. MUDONG means a boy dancer. People are tired after work and they usually call MUDONG to dance, the reason they call MUDONG to dance is because they think it's funny. This drawing is lifelike because painter uses steel line drawing technique.
This painting is showing the positions between the two people. The men riding the horse is the nobleman, the man behind who is pushing the horse is usually the slaves or workers. The painting is trying to describe after a long journey, the horse is getting tired so the slave is pushing the horse.
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