Review of Elements of Art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Sarah Alhajli

The lines are thick, thin, wavy and straight. The shapes are mostly geometric (circles, squares,rectangles, diamonds, triangles). The form is two dimensional. The colors are really dark (Brown, tan, blue).
The lines in this picture are horizontal, vertical, and straight. The squares are geometric, but the food and drink is organic. Value is represented by shading the shadows of the food and background. Colors are blue, brown, and dark purple. Space is in the background.
The shapes are mostly organic. The lines are diagonal and thick. Form is two dimensional but the use of shading makes it kind of 3D. Value is on the fruits and background. Colors are orange, green, grey, and black.
The drawings lines are thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, and curved. Shapes are organic, kind of look like rectangles. The form looks 2D. The texture looks rough. Colors are just brown, white and black. There is space in the background.
Some of the lines are thick and thin, they are curved, horizontal and vertical. Some of the shapes are geometric like squares and rectangles, others are organic like the bird. Form is 2d. This picture is very colorful. It has colors like yellow, blue, black, white, red, and orange. The texture is smooth.
Credits: All media
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