Female Nudity as a Form of Art. (Valerie Kachkova)

This Collection includes realistic drawings of women. High and low contrast, different tones. Every drawing was created using different techniques, yet they all have depth and  a three-dimensional realistic look. While all the women on the drawings are nude, it represents nothing but pureness of the human beings’ existence. 

“Study of a Seated Nude Woman Wearing a Mask” depicts a woman sitting down with a black mask covering her entire face. Visually, it seems like the pencil, used to draw this artwork, was somewhat soft - harsh strokes for shading the darkest points; and light soft strokes to create volume.
The “Female Nude” depicts a woman sitting down with her arms up, covering her face, surrounded by a blanket that’s not covering her at all. This drawing has a lot of volume and depth. Looking closely, it’s noticeable that the strokes are very soft and smeared, creating the three-dimensional looking drawing.
“Nude Woman on a Ladder” depicts a woman on a ladder, holding something in her left hand and looking down at it. The strokes are thin and sharp. Not much color, but you can see a lot of yellow and brown tones in this drawing. Somewhat high contrast with sharp outlines.
The “Nude Woman Lying on the Ground” depicts a woman laying on the floor. Although, the area around the woman looks flat, smeared strokes with a few highlights (white pencil) on the woman herself create definition and volume. Not a lot of contrast, as most of the tones are dark.
“Seated Female Nude” depicts a woman sitting down. The drawing has a lot of volume. The strokes are sharp and dark. The outlines of the woman are somewhat smeared, as well as the shadows on her body. The ratio between dark and light tones is high, which makes the image very contrasty.
“Female Nude Perched on a Stool” depicts a woman sanding, leaning onto something, holding a pole. Strokes are almost unnoticeable. This drawing has a three-dimensional look with some tints and shades. Shading is very soft. It's somewhat static with a lot of empty space.
The “Nude Woman Sitting” depicts a woman a woman sitting down. The strokes are soft and smeared but well noticeable. The ratio between the darks and the lights is pretty high, which makes the drawing look very contrasty. The use of different tones makes the artwork seem almost three-dimensional.
The “Nude” depicts a woman sitting down. This drawing is very static with a lot of dark tones and just a few tints, which adds volume and depth to the body of the woman and the drawing itself. Not a lot of empty space, as the rough and sharp strokes of the dark pencil are covering the whole drawing.
The “Female Nude” depicts a woman sitting down. It’s a low contrast drawing. Soft shadowing and not many tints. A lot of empty space around the woman, which makes the drawing look three-dimensional. It has a lot of volume and depth. A lot of light tones. very detailed and bright.
“Lying Female Nude” depicts a woman laying down with her eyes closed. This drawing has a lot of depth and volume. High contrast. A lot of dark tones and shades. Enough tints to make the drawing look realistic. The strokes are unnoticeable. Their flow is very natural. It’s detailed but also very dark.
Credits: All media
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