ButterfliesBy Stephanie AbDELMESSIH

My theme that I have chosen is Butterflies. I have chosen this theme because i have an inspiration for butterflies as they are my favourite insect to research about as i find them very interesting. I have chosen 15 beautiful butterfly artworks that all relate to each other. Some of these artworks are different but are all very similar like some artworks are referred as emotional, effective and many more things. 4 of these artworks are postmodern, subjective, cultural and structural frames. All of these artworks give a meaning of what the artwork represents or give out. The relationship of these artworks are very close and similar like all 15 artworks. The authors of all these artworks focuses on the intersection of creativity in the artworks. The authors works inspire many people to engage in these artworks and to take a meaning out of the artwork which is his point. Their works invite others to participate and engage on the artworks. For this exhibition the authors point of view was to inspire other and get something meaningful out of the artwork. All these artworks meaning is basically very similar.                                     Youtube links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhiqZefgXnQ                                                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn-1FkEPgAo                                                 

This work evidences the Postmodern frame
This work evidences the Subjective frame
This work evidences the Cultural frame
This work evidences the Structural frame
Credits: All media
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