Elements & Principals In Sculpture

The sculpture shows texture because you can actually see bumps and the lines. If you were to touch it, you would know exactly how it feels.
This sculpture shows the proportion/scale principle because the flower is not to scale and is way out of proportion.
This sculpture shows Pattern/Repetition/Rhythm because the green poles have the same pattern on them and there is more than one so it is repetitive.
This sculpture shows positive and negative space. The negative space in this sculpture is cool. And so is the positive space is too.
This sculpture shows value because there is lighter shades and there are darker shades.
This sculpture shows the element of lines because there are different lines that make up this sculpture.
This sculpture shows color because there are different colors that pop out.
This sculpture shows shape. Because the shape if this sculpture is missing a huge piece. The space shows that not every person looks the same.
This sculpture shows movement because you can actually tell that this person is swimming.
This sculpture shows unity because it is all the same color, but yet it is still appealing to the eye.
This shows balance because if you were to cut it in the middle it would almost be symmetrical.
This sculpture shows contrast because there are some lighter spots, then there are darker spots and they contrast each other.
Credits: All media
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