Statues of the gods

This exzibit will walk you through the roles and some great facts about the Grrek Gods and Goddesss.

For this statue we have zuse sitting on his throne. The statue has a great amount of detail in this piece. As you look at this peice you can see the artist took time to craft out this god.
For this peice I can say that since it's just the face of this god. The hair will almost instantly catch your eye. The hair in this peice as well as the facial features are greatly detailed.
For this peice you can see that it has some small simarlarites to the statue of zeus. But it has been very well preserved over time. You can tell the artist wanted to show the strength of this god.
With this piece I would say the one thing that stood out to me was the color. This color complements the stue very well. As with most statues it has been warn over time. But it's still wonderful.
Here we have a man standing tall. Flly nude this figure was made in a light brooze. With great detail to the body. As well as other parts as well.
With this piece you can see that the body in slim and sleek. With this figure you can see that the god is ready for battle the staff that was crafted has the most detail out of the enitre piece.
Here in this peice we have venus and cupid. It almost would suggest a felling of mother and son. Both of the gods look as if they love one another.
Since this pice is a head piece. You can tell that most of the detail was put into the facial features. What's great about this is most of the details where done in the face. with fully formed looks.
With this you can see the great amount of work put into the statue. From the amount of line work put into the robe on this god was done very well. Ot looks as if the robe itself is flowing free.
This lovely young wonman is crafted by to be smooth and eligagent look. The face of this peice would sugggest that she is a young woman who could take get any man that see so desires.
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