The Art of love-dene williams

My theme focuses on art pieces that have a common theme on love. I have selected various pieces from statues to paintings. I think that the collection that I have gathered speaks well concerning my assignment and what I am trying to convey in my gallery. I choose this theme because I think love is a something that we all as humans have in common. We love one another, some of us love art, some of us love food, while others have a love for music or some kind of physical activities, whatever the case maybe, we all love something or someone.

The cup depicts several different things going on, we see two elephants with people riding them. One group of people are under attack by a tiger, but there is a man there with a gun pointed at the tiger, there are native americans looking on as the caravan goes by, another woman seems as if she is trying to escape something or someone. This cup is made of sterling silver, gold and ivory, it was designed specifically for the 1893 world columbian exposition in Chicago.
A lovely young woman with a heavenly body with a mild and soft face representing hope breastfeeds a winged cupid. The cupid has dropped his bow and arrows below him on the rock as he reaches up to nurse. Sculptor Jean-Jacques Caffieri inscribed the title of his marble on the base: Hope Nourishes Love. Hope's nursing breast is a familiar symbol of comfort. Visible symbols representing and abstract idea of love and friendships were favorite subjects in sculpture and paintings around the 1750s.
This piece of art work shows a woman with her hands and face painted in gold. The look on her face suggest serenity, there is a look of peace and comfort on her face as well. She looks as if she is rested in knowing that she has loved and is loved. I would guess that she is the matriarch of her family and that she is content with the love that she has for them.
The painting depicts the exterior side of a building at night featuring different groups of people. There are six pictures based on the theme of love. it looks like young love, married love, adolescent love, a love affair, the love of music and family love. The painting looks to be an oil painting and very uniquely done, I like the dim lights the gold making the paintings appearance in the night.
"The Progress of Love," this painting shows a meeting place of lovers, obviously a secret being kept between the two. It has a combination of imaginary landscape and aristocratic dress. This painting is rich in color and has many details like the flowers and the trees throughout the whole painting, the woman looks excited and the man looks as if he couldn't wait to see her again.
A group of young people are sitting by a marble statue in a park. They are being entertained by a man with a guitar. It looks like one of the girls is breaking off roses and appears to strew petals over the group. The girl in the yellow dress has a notebook on her knee. The painting is depicting a park landscape of sultry light and leafy greenery with people hanging out together. I think that this painting is a perfect example of friendship and love between friends.
This black and white portrait shows two Hollywood actors in love. The woman is sensual and flirty, while the man is calm, cool and collective but he's not afraid to show his feelings towards his lady. The city lights in the background and the backdrop gives us the imagination of being on a roof top.
The theme of the unequal couple can be considered a combination of a secular genre picture and the Medieval Christian. The old man looks to be in love with a young pretty woman who looks like a child to me. He is giving her a piece of jewelry showing her that he is wealthy I assume. She is stroking destined to persuade her to stroke his beard in approval. I don't know if these two are married or if they are just meeting, but it looks like they are attracted to one another.
This painting shows true friendship, there is a poem writen and all though I cannot make out what it says completely I can read about love and friendship. the man is offering a drink to another man who appears to be sick, his beard is long and red, he kind of puts me in mind of Jesus. There is a leaf pictured, a serpent, palm trees, and a funny looking horse. There are other men in the background as well with lots of grass and mountains.
A young woman lies a in dark space looking as if she has lost her one and only love. From the title of this painting I can only guess that her loved one has either died or left for good. She never revealed her love for him. The dark space is depressing, the painting is uniquely done in black and white. She looks as if she has been there for days with no intentions on moving any time soon. She looks sick, and upset.
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