"clouds" Xana' Watson 

Within my art gallery I chose to focus on graffiti themed art. This theme stemmed from my love of modern art. Most people argue that graffiti is not a form of art although, graffiti tell the story of the youth. It is also interesting to see color in graffiti because I feel that graffiti is a mysterious art for therefore they are normally painted in black and white but when they have color I view it as influences of past centuries. 

This image explains the influence of past centuries. With the theme of the color black represents the art of graffiti as the splash of color indicates the influences of past artistry.
The artwork is one of my favorites because of what it symbolizes. Most people will view this can with a negative connotation although our generation utilizes this as an outlet for mysterious art.
This art work and photography work together to send that message that graffiti is a rare for and stands out from conformity symbolized by the building being isolated from the rest.
This image resonates with the theme as it symbolize the skill it take to create graffiti.This is portrayed by the veins that are coming out the artist arm.
This piece of art was created by a community, although it symbolizes how the influences of other people work together to create a master piece.
This image symbolizes how we get lost by what people say about graffiti as the color wings symbolize society and the dual colored person symbolizes the artist.
The piece of graffiti symbolizes how graffiti serves as the life line to some artist. As stated in my description some people undervalue graffiti although the small pieces of art tell a story.
This piece of art not only uses surrealism but it contradicts the norms of society and how new artist view traditions and norms.
This image of artwork captivates the true art of graffiti. It also symbolizes to the people that don't consider graffiti that it is a outlet for this generation of all ages.
Credits: All media
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