Element of Line

The lines of the hanging chandeliers as well as the people give unity to the painting and understanding that it is an official meeting/event.
the lines of the trees frame the characters drawing the eye to focus on them.
The lines surrounding the blue image in the center draw your eye centrally and make you aware of the contrast.
The direction and lack of symmetry evoke some emotion of darkness or perhaps fear. There are wavy, thick, thin, suggested and contour lines in this painting.
The lines are very angular in the top section but then loose in the bottom telling of a shift in perspective or direction.
lines give height of the sky, depth of the trench and the abrupt end of the line of the tree give way to the emotion and realization of what the painting is portraying.
The line width serves to give depth and distance to the painting.
The lines found within this painting almost give a 3D feel.
The grid in the background utilizes lines to create evenness throughout.
The lines in the background point us immediately to the characters in front. Also, the items between hem are defined through contour lines.
Credits: All media
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