insects and animals

This exhibition is revolved around the theme of 'Insects and Animals'. In this exhibition you will find a range of artworks created from various amounts  of artists. This gallery demonstrates four different frames and a sequence of artworks that have different meanings but still come together to support the theme of 'Insects and Animals'. The selected artworks all relate together as the pieces of art all contain either insects or animals and all the artists that have created these pieces of art through the same mindset and imagination and/or ideology. This exhibition will take you on a journey through the imagination and creativity used by multiple artists to create these specifically chosen pieces. This gallery will show you different aspects of art giving you an informative and educative idea about the artwork, its meaning and its role in the exhibition. Enjoy as you venture through the world of art.

This artwork evidences a Structural Frame
This artwork evidences a Subjective Frame
This artwork evidences a Post Modern frame
This work evidences a Cultural Frame
Credits: All media
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