Renaissance Perspective

Compare: St. Bernardino Preaching and Architectural Veduta. Three similarities of the two works of art are that they both have a vanishing point that pops to the eye. Both use Neutral colors, there are no vibrant colors. Also, there are buildings in the background that give the artwork a setting. Three differences are that Architectural Veduta goes deeper into the background and has a deeper vanishing point.  It also has minimal colors used, and it doesn't have as much going on throughout the painting. In St. Bernadino, many people are in the picture while the other has none. Compare: Ideal City with Perspective Scenery. Some similarities of the paintings are they both have vanishing points, both use neutral colors, and both take place in cities. Some differences is that one uses mostly tan colors and the other uses grey colors. Also, Perspective Scenery does not go as deep into the vanishing point as the other. St. Bernardo Preaching :

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