Poverty is really common to our life. You can see some homeless people begging money. Like this kind of people  are really poor, they can't eat full everyday, they are unhealthy too. For some people, poverty is a opportunity to have physical training  for you mental disposition. By the way, no now is rich at first. 

This picture shows a kid is in a poor and autocratic place, and it is saving in the war. Look at him. He doesn't wear his clothes and pants, Just a pair of shoes.All things happen because of poverty.
This painting shows faces of poor people. This mother cannot look after everyone. The boy looks that very boring, and no friends anymore. The girl caughts some flowers and it looks so virtuous and lovely.
This photo shows the poverty of a family. Everybody's clothes is old and dirty, and there are some little holes in their pants. Also, it looks gaunt in their eyes when you look at it.
Look at this photo, this is a way to go to the island which has the Statue of Liberty. I think this demonstration is about poverty about Indians. They want to be fair, and run far away from poverty.
Look at this photo, the environment is really band, the house is so old. This thing happen because of poverty.
This photo is really common, it shows a poor place. No more people, life is very cold. The road is broke and dirty, and it has some water around the city. No more workers.
Look at the painting. Exactly, this is Utopia World. Everyone wears enough clothes. There are some appliances in the middle for cooking or washing. But actually they could not live at this places, even I wish.
This painting shows a rich person's children(Whites) give the poor kid(Indian) money. They are living at two different phases. Comparing clothes among these three kids, I think poverty could also take away the person's confidence.
This one shows some orphans live in a same house. I think their families are poor so that they cannot provide for them. That's because poverty again.
This art statue is a part of a person. Look at his eyes, sad, upset, exhausted... I could image that he was wearing old and dirty clothes. Poverty causes this thing happen.
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