Harbour in the making

The theme of this exhibition is based on the building and making of the Harbour Bridge. As the history of Australia is memorial, this gallery shows the construction and final design of one of the most prized possessions of the history of Australia, the Harbour Bridge. As the artworks slowly move through the years of building the Harbour Bridge, They change from black and white to colour to present the amount of time it has taken to build the Harbour Bridge and how long it has been standing. As the Harbour Bridge is the heart and soul of many Australians, the exhibition is very close to many hearts. As the artworks slowly show the building and construction of the Harbour Bridge, the audience is able to live and imagine what the time was like and the living conditions given by the time frame and how long it took to build the Harbour bridge. Walking through the exhibition represents the different stages of building the Harbour bridge and also shows the years and how many generations have past whilst the construction of the Harbour Bridge. This gallery is full of emotion, as some people have lost loved and treasured ones in the building of this Australian icon, but on the other hand many will find happiness in looking at these photos and artworks. Some people might even feel comfort as they have been born, raised or moved Sydney and want to be very thankful of it.

I have chosen this artwork as my subjective frame. This photo makes me feel excited and happy as I see one of the first steps of the making of the Harbour bridge. My intuition makes me feel welcome and positive to know that I live in the city in which this great landmark is made in.
I have chosen this artwork as my structural frame. As the man rowing down the bottom is a symbol of the 2000 sydney olympic games. As the colours are earthy colours such as blue, green, brown and white, they are representing the the ocean, sea, and land of Sydney
This photo is my post modern frame. As it is kitsh to see someone flying over Sydney Harbour which is attached to balloons, it also falls into an appropriate section as it represents the freedom of Australian and its people.
I have chosen this artwork as my cultural frame. This artwork represents my belief in a city with Gods creating lying upon it. As the city of Sydney accepts anyone of race and culture, the Harbour bridge is like a road of connection between everyone.
Credits: All media
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