Learning Team 3 Week 1 project

AH100 - Sarah McEnnan & Amanda Nelms

Photography - The invention of the camera has allowed every person to become an artist by being able to find artistic expression through a viewfinder
Death - Society seems to have a fascination with death so it only seems normal to see it depicted in artwork.
Sculptures - Sculptures can be made of almost any medium and can depict actual busts of people or be artistic representations of the artists concepts.
Pottery - Pottery has been in use from 29,000 B.C.to use in today's society. It has been painted and adorned to beautify the individual pieces and has become something that is collected and cherished
Religion - Religion is a common theme in art and in life even though one religion may be vastly different from another
Portrait - Portraits were often painted for the express use of the person depicted. Often commissioned art would give a snapshot of that person and their interests
Nudes - Paintings and sculptures often have nude as a theme - it has been said that the best test of an artist is to draw or sculpt the naked body.
Furniture - Functional yet artistic, furniture can be adorned, painted and carved in any style and is often given as gifts due to their beauty.
Landscapes - Being able to walk outside and have a model for painting / sketching is one of the main reasons that landscapes are so abundant.
Abstract - With no rhyme or reason, the artist often leaves the viewer to decide what the artist is portraying.
Credits: All media
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