The Broad Museum

Works of different times & styles

This is the Greek deity Athena. The reason I chose this piece was her casual posture. You don't see many relaxed images carved in stone back then.
Not totally sure what drew my attention to this piece, but after reading the details, I had to select him. Not many people join the army at 13 and become an international war hero,writer, philosopher
Seeing this brought me way back. As a kid I loved marshal arts, what better than a kooky Saturday morning cartoon character that ran around "karate chopping" his way though mysteries.
Amazing image. It a beautiful representation of chaos and fury. I am a bit confused as to what the gods in the clouds are doing. i.e. Top center: it looks like Zeus is being choked.
Different name, same problems. As this bumper sticker shows, we have had the same issues in this city for years. We're a rowdy city on both sides of the badge.
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