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I see my self in this portrait , I do not why :)
there is alot of thing happend in this Painting, and you can tell a story just by look at this Painting
we can see in this Painting a number of soldiers staying , one of them play a piano, the other singing , and the man who smoking pipe , all that give us one meaning , it all about relaxing .
actually I don't know what this Painting mean, their is a story behind this punting , we can see the yellow flower and the massage, their is a lot of thing happened inside , I wash if I know what the story behind this Painting
I feel their is important thing behind this meeting, because every figure in the painting look it aeneas (the man who wear red ) with astonishment ,
I do not know what I say , but I love this painting from the first look
what I like in this painting is the man in the another room ,because I hate him from the first look
this punting was in the last years of king henry life , but we still see the youth and the strong look , king henry ask the artist to do this work again because he want to show the youth , so what we look it is the second painting
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