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Here at fREADom Publishing Co., we strive to ensure that we only publish the very best and most helpful books and writings to the world. This handpicked collection of self-help books we have featured this month embody just that promise. From learning how to raise a teenage daughter with Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, to understanding how to be more empathetic towards others in The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison, this incredible works will help your life in so many various facets, you’ll wonder why you never picked up one sooner! You have the power and the fREADom to change your life for the better!

The Nature of Things by Lucretius Has life just got you down these days? Are you searching for a deeper meaning in your own life? If you are like the many others out there, religious or not, who have tried to find an understanding to the ways of the world and to the nature of the mind and soul, you needn’t look any further than the fREADom publishing co.’s best-selling classic self-help book, The Nature of Things by Lucretius. Throughout this book, Lucretius reaches deep into the science and the physics of what it means to be alive and be human. He cuts through the frills and eccentricities of modern organized religion and lays down the foundation for a deductive and essentially endogenous philosophy. Everything you need and desire is within you and within your power, all you have to do is harness it! With the necessary means and guidance provided in this book, you will become a renewed and enlightened being. The powerful words of Lucretius and his Epicurean-derived ideas will bring you back to a state of humility and sincerity within yourself, and you will thus prosper with sentience and awareness. "It's hard these days to know what to believe. With all of the religious intolerance evident in the world today, basic human values and morals get muddled between each group and ultimately lost in the process. But Lucretius brings the reader back to basics and back to what it truly means to be alive and to be human." -Oprah Winfrey, TV personality and American media proprietor
The Histories by Herodotus We all have that one well-traveled friend that has been around the world and back again. They seem to have the knowledge and understanding about different areas and their cultures that you only come across and read about in history textbooks. Don’t you wish you could have that vast and ever-growing pool of knowledge and experience too? Isn’t it time for a change of scenery? Immerse yourself in the profound cultures and traditions of the world and gain a deep and perceptive understanding of the nature of culture, in Herodotus’ The Histories. The newest addition to the fREADom publishing co. collection, this book will make you question why you never made the decision to travel sooner. Herodotus provides the avid traveler with the tools and basic worldly knowledge they need to begin their journey of a lifetime! He will teach you how to: - Act and speak like a native of the land - Be a respectful observer of a differing culture with seemingly strange values - Understand the reasoning behind the decisions made throughout the history of the land And so much more! Pack up your suitcase and begin your journey! "I have dedicated my life to travel, thanks to Herodotus' work. Everywhere I go, no matter if it's old or new, I feel as though I have a deeper connection to the area and to the people who live there because of the lessons that Herodotus had taught me." -Anthony Bourdain, American chef and TV host
Utopia by Sir Thomas More Have you lost your sense of creativity? Is your writing just plain mundane? Do you wish that you could have the imaginative writing abilities of, say, George R. R. Martin or J. K. Rowling? Let Sir Thomas More come to the rescue! His brand-spanking-new book, Utopia, is sure to cure those writer’s block blues. More has an immense amount of creative writing under his belt, and he shares his secrets of success with the average writer in Utopia. In this book, you will learn the tricks to crafting the ultimate setting and plot and understanding how even the smallest details can set your readers up for an intense and alluring story line! Utopia will go in depth into the makings of a great fiction read and what is required in order to make it engaging and real for your readers. Your imagination will be unstoppable with potential ideas for your next masterpiece. You have the power and creativity inside of you to become the next New York Times bestselling author. You can be sure with More! "After reading More's Utopia, I realized that I didn't need to steal ideas for my books from anyone to try and pass them off as my own because I wasn't creative enough. All I needed to do was dig deep into myself to get my own innovative groove. Thanks, Thomas More!" -George Orwell, author of 1984
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft Raising a teenager is tough enough, but raising a teenage daughter can be especially trying for mothers. You want your daughter to be independent, with her own set of values and beliefs that she can be proud of, but you also want her to be educated, both in the formal and informal sense, and avoid the appearance of ignorance. Mary Wollstonecraft has written the ultimate guide to managing and strengthening the ever-changing relationship between a mother and her growing daughter. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman sets out to help mothers instill in their girls a sense of pride in being female and life lessons that will stick with them throughout their entire lives. Wollstonecraft imparts her own experience upon the reader and what she has learned in growing up as a modern woman, in the hopes that her words will speak to the hearts of those struggling mothers out there. She provides the reader with the emotional guidance that both mothers and daughters need and does so in a way that is relatable to women in all walks of life. Wollstonecraft will save you and your daughter’s relationship! "Raising a daughter is hard, and when Lourdes was coming of age, it was hard to know what valuable lessons I should be teaching her in such a chaotic and backwards world. But Wollstonecraft made it easy with her Vindication, and helped Lourdes and I understand each other and grow together." -Madonna, American singer and songwriter
Working by Studs Terkel Looking for a major change in your career? Do you feel like you’ve lost your drive and passion for your career? Are you tired of walking into your job day in and day out feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything of value? Studs Terkel felt just the same way you do now. He was fed up with his boring job as a radio broadcaster and decided it was time for a substantial change in his life. As a result, his new self-help book Working was born. Inside, you will read about what work means to the average American citizen and explore what a normal day consists in many different disciplines. From Walter Lundquist, the industrial designer, to Kay Stepkin, director of a bakery cooperative, you are given the opportunity to get an inside look at that one special job offer you should have taken years ago. Terkel’s narratives and accompanying advice will give you the confidence boost you need, and will provide you with the tools to empower your own life and make that career change that you have been dreaming of! "I started out of college with a degree in law, and let me tell you, I was miserable. I was looking for a major change of career and it just so happened that Mr. Terkel's book fell into my lap. I knew I had to make a change and his book gave me the capability to make that happen. Now, I thoroughly enjoy my job as a tenor!" -Andrea Bocelli, singer and American classic tenor
The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison How can one feel another person’s pain, when the idea of pain itself is so subjective that it can be assumed, distorted, or even performed? How can you, in your own life, simply feel more for someone or something? As Leslie Jamison lays out in her book, The Empathy Exams, feeling more is process of understanding yourself, your own emotions, and the emotions elicited by the suffering or joyousness or others. She provides the reader with key concepts that delve into the meaning of feeling and the reactions it produces within ourselves. In order to feel more and to be more empathetic towards one another, we must first understand the nature of emotion itself, as Jamison explains. She makes it easy to get in touch with the sensitive side of oneself. Within no time at all, you will feel like you have a better cognizance of the emotions that others are experiencing, and you will have learned the proper responses to the multitude of varying emotions. "As a (pseudo) psychologist, it's my job to feel sympathy and to exhibit empathy when my patients tell me about the tragedies going on in their lives. And Leslie Jaimson's book, The Empathy Exams, helped me in innumerable ways to feel more connected to my patients and to better understand their issues and work through them." -Dr. Phil McGraw, TV personality and psychologist
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