Katie Burney SBU Pictures

This is a collection of five photographs that I have chosen that either made me wonder why it was taken, made me think of a happier time in my life, or just made me intrigued. 

Marc Ferrez's photograph collections is mostly made up of glass negatives and prints. This picture comes from the Gilberto Ferrez collection. I liked this picture because I really enjoy the negatives.
I enjoy historic pictures which is why I chose one that shows even though it was a staged picture, the surroundings and the posture of the men show that Lincoln being there did not stop anything.
I just really like this picture because looking at the picture reminds me of summer since it is taken on a beach. Thomaz Farkas' influence at this time was the American movement of direct photography.
Another picture by Marc Ferrez, picked not on purposely. Even though this picture is showing Brazil it reminded me of Ireland when I was on that beach and it made me feel at home.
Yes this picture is freaky but I mainly chose it because it made me wonder why it was taken. This is a picture in a set of series and Pichler went to owners of awesome costumes and photographed them.
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