Lives through the art

I chose this piece of art because it caught my eye and it's brushing techniques are appealing as well.
I chose this painting because I feel it goes well with my gallery and it follows well with my theme.
I thoroughly enjoyed this painting because it shoes almost a different side of what I want to show but as well the same and I also believe it follows well.
I also felt this painting fit well with my gallery it fits what I'm looking for and it adds it's own little something as well.
This painting shoes almost a negative side of my theme in a good way, if that makes sense, it depicts my theme pretty well.
I felt that this painting did an excellent job at proving my theme as well, it really called me when I saw it.
This painting when I saw it, it just had me staring at it, I knew that it would work so well with my theme.
This painting to me was really adorable and I also felt it depicted my theme in a cute way, the little kids just really got my attention so I had to use it.
This did a really good job in showing what I wanted in my gallery
Finally I thought that this was a good way to end my gallery and I feel pretty content that this gets to the heart of my theme.
Credits: All media
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