A new generation of paintings

The Northern Renaissance art depicted a lot of daily life paintings. They are very detailed. Some focus on religious topics. The paintings demonstrate realism and naturalism. My paintings are all about the Northern Renaissance and why it became so important. 

Adam and Eve are very religious figures. Painters of the Northern Renaissance wanted to focus on religion because they did not get to express their religions before.
The Northern Renaissance focused a lot on daily life. This is a man poses for the painting.
Again, this man is just reading doing what he usually does. The renaissance focused on naturalism.
The people are standing around a man, who looks to be dying. This will happen in daily life.
The renaissance focused on religion too. Jan van Eyck did a lot of courtly and aristocratic work.
This is a painting of a crucifixion that relates to religion. This is a very detailed painting.
A lot is going on in this painting. The artist did a great job with all the detail to really make it seem natural.
A lot of artist liked to paint landscapes in the renaissance. They were really interested in focusing on realism.
This man looks like he is praising to god. This is another religious painting.
This is a book of prayers, which depicts a religion.
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