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Our goal is to help everyone help themselves by providing them with a self-help book. 

1. Working by Studs Terkel Working: the happiness guide for your professional life! With a huge collection of interviews with people who work in such a wide variety of industries, Studs Terkel’s Working allows you sample what people are doing to make their work more interesting. This is an excellent read for anyone who bored of his or her current work-life and looking for a change. Learn what real people did to improve their quality of life! Whether it is changing your current job, opening a bakery, moving to Arkansas, or simply recognizing the importance of your own work, Working has the solution for you! With Working you get many different solutions to a similar and universal problem. Other books, which only have one or two, authors simply cannot offer such a plethora of perspectives. “I was tired of putting on a new show night after night. After I read Working, I knew I had to quit my job and move to a Farm in New Jersey.” –John Stewart, Former Daily Show Host, 2015.
2. The Nature of Things by Lucretius Finally be content with your life as a mortal with Lucretius’ The Nature of Things! For centuries people have done crazy things to please the deities, whom they believe control fate. In The Nature of Things, Lucretius explains how natural laws control all things; deities have no control over physical life. No longer will you be afraid of death after reading this work. Lucretius helps clear up many of the misconceptions about matter, which makes up the entire composition of the universes. With The Nature of Things you will learn how to… 1. Live a Happier life without fear of the Gods 2. No longer fear death 3. Understand the physical world in which we inhabit “As I get older, I am comforted by the teachings of Epicurus and The Nature of Things by Lucretius. As an Atheist I never really felt comforted by the teachings of religion and how the relate to death, but after reading this book I feel much better about it, and I don’t even need religion to feel this way! This book also gave me a profound understanding of the physical world around me. It makes science fun!” –Maurice Sendak, 2012
3. Utopia By Thomas More Policy-makers and Leaders of Nation States, this book is for you! Are you tired of being blamed for the unhappiness that is found in your jurisdiction? Utopia is the handbook that will help you eradicate all causes of that unhappiness. Unemployment, child rearing, education, and foreign policy are all outlined in this book. In the land of Utopia, all are required to labor, which means that there are no free riders in this society benefiting from the hard work of others. No longer will you be the cause of all dysfunction in your nation. Utopia does not just suggest different policy changes; it actually puts them into practice so the reader can see what ensues after the implementation of the proposed advice. “I know, uh, I’m not a favorite of many, but I’m not a bad guy. Like my predecessors, I just want our nation to do better. I wish I had read Utopia right after I was elected! It would have helped with many policy decisions that, maybe, would have resulted in a little bit more love from my friends over in the GOP. Hillary, you got to read this book.” – President Barak Obama, 2015.
4. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli If you like Utopia, you will love this classic by Machiavelli! This is another great handbook for politicians and tyrants alike. Though, don’t be fooled, The Prince, is focused on effective leadership, where as Utopia deals with different policy, which would be useless without the former. Machiavelli reveals his secrets to becoming, and remaining a powerful ruler. With Machiavelli’s The Prince, you will have all the answers to the difficult questions, like: Whether it is better to be cruel or merciful, or How to judge the strength of different principalities, and many more. Unlike other handbooks for leaders, The Prince is great because it applies directly to rulers of nation-states. “After reading The Prince I knew exactly what I need to do in Ukraine” –Vladimir Putin, Russian President, 2014
5. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels Are you tired of being exploited by the Bourgeoisie? Well, then The Communist Manifesto is for you! This book exposes all of the problems facing the working class as feudalism makes way to capitalism. Like Working, this book offers solutions to the problems of being a laborer, but in a more drastic fashion. Although this book offers a theoretical solution to the problem at hand, one could extrapolate the ideas and apply them to a real society. With The Communist Manifesto you will learn… 1. About the difficulties of working in a post feudalism world. 2. How to restructure society by using a revolution. 3. And, how to establish a classless society. I have selected Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11 as the theme song for this book.
6. Oration on the Dignity of Man by Pico Della Mirandola Pico Della Mirandola’s Oration on the Dignity of Man is an excellent read for those who are struggling to find their place in the world. This work is perfect in answering the question: what is the point of human existence? Mirandola talks about the importance of study, philosophy and quest for new knowledge. He says that we must purge our desire for instincts and attempt to achieve something greater. The Oration on the Dignity of Man will help readers achieve more out of their life!
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