historic ceramic vessels

The Pot with two lugs (1 BC- 1 AD) and bowl (1 BC- 1 AD) is from Peru.The Chalice(ca.1975) and Wine Jar With Fish and Aquatic Plants (1279-1368) is from The United States Of America. The Chalice is made by Beatrice Wood. 

This vessels is from Peru. it is a pot with two lugs for 1 BC- 1 AD. the museum that stored in is the Freer and Sackler Galleries.
the bowl is brown with gold specks. The bowl is from China. People can learn about the artist that made it. What the culture is and what it is used for. They also can know why it comes from China. China has different art and painting
This Chalice is from the United State. This art is stored on Brooklyn Museum and made from Beatrice Wood. Chalice, luster- glazed earthenware. Red earthenware body with heavy iridescent pitted glaze of greens and turquoise They can learn how they made and how much time did they have to work on it unevenly applied with body showing through in palces
This is Wine Jar from China. It is in the Brooklyn Museum. Oviform jar, heavy porcelain body with transparent glaze and underglaze painting in cobalt blue of four fish and lotus blossoms and aquatic plants. Unglaze base with broad foot rim. Waves encircle the neck. Why it is used for wine and where it is from and who created it
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