PErspective Felipe Mieres

Vanishing from the horizon, or from couple different points, perspective helps create depth in the pictures, painting or any other tow dimensional form of art. I have chosen one point perspective to be my theme, trying to identify the vanishing point in those pictures, hopefully learning ways to apply it to my work.

The lines of the picture and the wall bring a balance to this picture, it also seems like there are more pictures hanging on the wall in both sides of the frame. also guides our eye towards the back.
I love how this picture just guides our eyes to what seems to be an elevator in the background, the vanishing point on this one combined with the contrast almost forces you to look that way.
In this paint the artist applied the vanishing point to help the paint to have a natural look, from a point of view of someone that is on the table instead of watching them having dinner.
It's interesting how the perspective in this picture enhances the debris, changing it's scale and making it look bigger than it actually is compared to the building, making it become more relevant.
In this case the vanishing point would help the artist get a realistic perspective of the place, scale and it adds depth to the picture, almost looking like if we were actually there.
The perspective in this painting helps the artist in comparing the scale of the people to the place that they were. The vanishing point is on the frame and very far back, witch enhances the effect.
The vanishing point could be the sun, even the light guides our eye to the end of the valley. A vanishing point in these situations help the artist paint the mountains proportionally.
I love the perspective on this one, the depth and how the building in the foreground partially block us from the background, but we still have the lines directing our eyes to the background.
The tree in the foreground make the vanishing point less obvious, as it adds some line in other directions. all the main lines direct our eyes to the pair trees in the far background.
In this picture the perspective adds great depth to the frame, even though the background is blurry the perspective help us to focus in the subject in the foreground.
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