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I chose the sea and a school of fish as my theme. The fish represent the students at the school, and the ocean represents the world. I chose this because while we are here we learn together and are in a little pack just like the fish are, but eventually we want to go our own way. The world is big and mysterious just like the ocean and just like the fish, we will eventually break off and want to explore. We are all different and will have our own experience whether they are good are bad.

This Painting was made by Paul Lee. Lee wanted show the magic of the earth and ocean connecting in one picture. I show this painting because it had a variety of fish in it and the different colors
This painting made by John W. Lewin, was based off of the Sydney Harbout down in South Australia. I chose this work of art because it reminded me of the fish that broke off into a negative world
This work of art was actually created not too long ago on a wall during the summer of 2013 by someone named Binho. I chose this painting because the big fish reminded me of a leader.
I thought this was photo was cool because it has such an old style to it, and the fish looked so curious as if they were exploring. This photo was created by Jo Seok-Jin (1853-1920)
This photo created by Fitz Goro, is actually a photo from the 50's used by Lifetime Magazine. I like this because it gives such a wide view of the ocean.
What I thought was interesting about this photo was back in the 1800's when Gustave LeGray created this photo that are world didn't consider this art. I love the way it looks ocean endless
I like the photo because it reminded me of people exploring and trying to learn new things. Vincent Van Gogh described the ocean as "mackerel" because it always changes,just like people.
This painting is my favorite even though it is so recent. Olaf Hajek describes the ocean as a blessing and wonderful mystery to the world. I like it because of the colors and variations of creatures.
Credits: All media
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