Spatial Perspective of Color: Works of the Mind in the Dark

I chose this collection to show how dark coloring and dark images tend to create great art work. The collections include work from famous creators such as Rembrandt and Seurat. Each piece comes from different cultures and styles ranging from paintings to sculptures but all of them have a darkness to it. There is dark color, dark image, and mixtures of both.

This a beautiful vase by Rockwood Pottery. I chose this because of the coloring around the vase; it is a dark coloring that goes into light. The colors also blend perfectly. If this was an actual painting is would be great.
This piece was created by Douglas Gordon. It includes a piano, and burned piano, stage, screen, and a monitor. I chose The Phantom because the first thing I noticed is how dark the picture is, not the eye. It is almost like seeing the good and bad of a play or show.
I chose The Rape of Proserpine because of the complete darkness Rembrandt painted. You noticed that the colors he chose are in the dark range including the white and gold coloring. When I pay attention to the image itself, I witness individuals trying to save Proserpine from the rape during the carriage crash, while those same people look like they are running away from someone, or something.
I honestly chose this piece because it gives me chills. This is a life and death piece portraying a woman's life. Even though there is life within the piece, I notice how dark her life could have been. It is almost as if Real used the light color as death and used the dark to show life.
I really enjoy this piece by Hall. It is an oil on canvas painting. I chose it because how dark he painted it and how cool it is. When I look at this I see a woman, from the sea, finishing her journey on this one planet.
I chose another one of Rembrandt's creations. This particular piece is an etching so naturally the picture will have dark in it. When I look at this piece I witness a man showing a "gifted" child to a man of power; he is also pleading with this man. The people behind the man are pleading as well. As for the temple itself, it seems like a place to be feared.
This is an interesting piece by Klee, Swiss. The name of it speaks for itself along with the image; someone looking over a landscape. But there are touches of darkness throughout the piece. Mainly the red eye that looks over the landscape. There is a hint of an evil force looking over this landscape.
I like Seurat's piece because of how it's created. He used a Conte crayon to create it which naturally makes the picture dark. On top of this the way the woman looks in the piece is dark. She looks like she is in a corner sad.
This piece by Scott is self explanatory when is comes to the dark. Snakes are considered evil creatures and then this snake has a black head. The simple image is dark.
I love this piece by Lee! Its is a great example of life and death in my eyes. Death is inevitable when it comes to life. But this sculpture is a little different. Lee placed the skull on top of the life head, which is a reminder that death will happen. The darkness I see in this piece is the skull other than this the coloring is beautiful.
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