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This gallery includes representations of the Greek Art of a Mother and a child . Mother's was worshipped as a symbol of fertility. The diversity of images reflect the complex symbolical character of the mother figure. For the Greek , the figure of the mother enjoys a central position, as it epitomizes the notions of continuity, security, sacrifice, giving, unconditional love.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Gallery created by: Wilfine Joseph

Madonna holds her child as she's on a cloud. She is stop by two gentleman. By her foot, there's two angel. The look on her face shows fear, because she's about to witness her child death.
Four angels surround the mother and child, The mother hands a cherry to baby Jesus on her left knee. in the English Standard Version, Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.
The painting shows Virgin sitting on a thrown, with an infant at her breast.Mother's milk was considered a miracle fluid which could cure people and give wisdom. God created the mothers with breasts to nourish babies."Take this child, and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages" meaning God a gift the mother a child.
Elisa Bonaparte with her daughter Napoleona Baciocchi paint has a mother and a daughter holding each other. it look the little girl is hold a leash, which the leash is wrap around a dear. the mother is hold the dear as well. I guess the mother is protecting the child, while the child is protecting the dear as well.
the Infant nestling against the Virgin's cheek. looking a the painting, it looks like the mother really love her child. cheeks are a symbol of love and affection. having her arm around her child like, shows she's protecting the child from any harm.
The portrait of the Virgin Mary shows to naked little boys and a mother all covered up with the colors blue, red, green. the mother is holding one child but not the other one. it look like the child on the mothers lap want the attention too him. the other looks look he want to climb as well but afraid because of that terrified point his brother gave him. so the child hide behind the mother instead.
The lady has a book on her left hand and one of her fingers is fixed in the middle of the book. there's also two kids in the painting as well. Looking a the picture, it look like the child with the clothes on is kind of jealous of the other child because he's getting all of the attention. What a child doesn't know that a mother love a child equally , but but when there's two or more kids that don't see that
The painting of Madonna con il Bambino shows madonna hold a naked child. It looks like the child has a necklace and his hand. It look like the child is about to die in the painting. I guess the child had touch it because back in the day wearing a jewelry mean evil. The mother is holding on to the child because his about to die.
The painting Madonna and Child [obverse] you see that the mother is cover up with a blue scar and also holding a naked child. Madonna looks very tired. A woman who has a child and then realize they don't have the strength anymore to take care of it.
The Virgin and Child is by the window. She has a Book and a child with her. The fruits in the bowl have a meaning, the cherries allude to the blood of Christ, the plums to the love between Mother and Child.
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