Renaissance perspective

Naples is a city in the west of Italy. Ink wash is a technique where you make single brush strokes and make the ink flow. MNAC, the museum is in Barcelona Acquired in 1964 means it was found and out in the museum. Bergos Cathedral is in Bergos, Spain.
Made in Urbino, Italy which is mid-western Italy.Greco-Roman is a style from the renaissance. Baptistery is the place where people get baptised. Panel Painting is where the art was painted on to separate pieces of wood that are out together. Henry Walters was a man in Wilmington, North Carolina who bequeathed his fathers art collection. Walters had bought a palace in Rome containing more than 1,700 paintings. His house became a museum when he died in 1931.
The painter attended the Sienese school in Siena Italy. It was a school for painters form the 13th and 15th century.
Liverpool Royal institution to promote science and literature in the 1800s.
The Institute of Russian Realist Art is located in the Zamoskvorechye district of Moscow Russia.
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