Music that controls Darryn Deonarine

This gallery is made up of a variety of different musical entities that have had the ability to control the mood we feel and the way we view life. Music for generations has been used to put us in a place that isn't the norm, it ultimately allows us to view boundaries that are not what we are used to. 

This Harpsichord is one of a kind from the unique painting that was hand painted onto it. This unlike the regular piano plucks the strings instead of hitting the strings with a mallet like the piano.
The craftsmanship of this guitar head is spectacular and it must have been used in countless gatherings in the late 1500s for kings and other noble figures in that time frame.
This painting is a classic showing us the instruments that "rocked" the masses in the mid 17th century. It feature a piano and a bass that was most likely used in theater for the musicians to play.
Women in the music scene have always gave music a very sensual and soothing feel from the softness of their voices here we can see three women from the 17th century performing at one of the local pubs
Coming into a newer age of music than what was previously shown is a group of whigs rehearsing for their next gig to perform to the masses. Just like today we can see similarities of how musicians were then compared to now
This photo taken most recently in the early 1990s we can see an authentic asian drum used in countless celebrations and get togethers that bring families together and that have been families together for generations and generations to come.
What may look like a cannon is actually a drum and I can only imagine how low the bass end of this instrument can get, this instruments must have been used for an army that is getting ready to attack an enemies base.
This saxophone is unlike any that I have seen in my life and 8 different sized tubes to create the resonance that we call sound. I would love to hear this played as it must have been played for kings to enjoy as they threw a grand bash for the kingdom.
Christmas carolers have been around for over 100 years and here we can see a family performing outside someones home. This act of kindness has touched many lives and has brought happiness and joy for the seasons greetings.
This piano or what seems to look like a piano is from the 14th century and has defiantly taken a toll as it is not able to be played but one man in the 1970s actually took the time to recreate this instruments so we the people of today can have an idea of how it sounded naturally.
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