Andre google art


I chose this art work because i wanted to know what did this artist use to get the perpostion to look like it does.
I chose this art work because it caught my eye on how much detail was put in all the cloth around the painting
I chose this art work because i wanted to know why was the woods behind them so dark and it front was so light did the art want to make sure who this painting was about.
I chose this because of the all the different texture used in this painting because i know it is not just one technique being used.
i chose this because i was very surprised that Atlantic city was this dry in the 1800 because now Atlantic city is surrounded by bodies of water but maybe it is just how the angle of the painting was placed.
In this painting i liked how it did not show much detail but at the same time i like the technique used to make this art work look so realistic.
i liked this painting because the colors in it just looks like it can pop out of the painting.
this art work i chose is because it's not much detail but the texture used forms the painting and i see a lot of that lately and it is creative.
I chose this painting because it is cool how the artist made the woman in this painting pop while the background is formed around her.
I liked this painting because what was used to form the painting, the different colors and the many textures.
I chose this art work because i was amazed that so much dark colors can make a painting with this much detail.
I liked this painting because of how the brush strokes and the texture form the painting and it was a cool technique i learned to make bodies of water with.
I liked how this was focused on the mother in daughter and no background the detail was outstanding.
i liked how everything in this painting was in your face with all the different plants and fruits to blend in with the forest background.
I liked this painting because it made it seem like somthing out of a horror movie with the faint lighting and the darkness.
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