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This picture is weird as it's the artist trying to paint while death is playing the fiddle behind him.
I really liked this painting because there is so much going on, i also liked how the lava looked.
This painting is dark and grim as these two fishermen are trying to fish the moon is changing the tides while in the background there are larger ships having no problems.
I liked how she had the same expression but different styles, thought it was neat.
A painting of Lawrence of Arabia, one of the queens agents. i picked it for Lawrence is pretty well known in Britain's history.
This painting is odd, as the shoulders and arms don't fit in with the rest of her body but i could be wrong this was the early 1800's.
This painting seems like its some kind of map with the wrinkles representing mountains either way it is really well drawn.
I like the message behind the painting, the artist explains that humans are like fleas as they feast on blood we are doing the same and are never truly sated.
I liked the water detail and seeing Noah's ark and angels it must be religious.
A painting of a volcano erupting, mount Vesuvius is still an active volcano. At least we now get an idea on how it would look like.
A spooky drawing of an owl in pencil, looks intimidating.
Looks like space debris being sucked into a black hole that somehow has not sucked in the two other planets nearby.
An interesting painting of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, death, i like the fog of war and how death is positioned on the horse.
Funny self portrait, he must get all the women and cash money.
This drawing looks kind of like a mole rat, must be what the artist thought she looked like when she finished making it.
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