American Indians                   cullen bryant  aaliyah lewis 3/19/14

These peices are made by indians in the 1800s.All three of them represent something about the Indians. One thing that is different about the peices is that they all are different settings. These peices are a part of history and are meant to be shown.

This pot is used for the Puebloan rituals devoted to the sun, rain, and agricultural purposes. I can relate to this by seeing this in italy one year for vacation. Although it wasn't the same type of pot it was used for that type of concept.
This peice was influenced when the Indians were having conficts with the settlers. The indians abduction was a big part durring this time. Ican sort of realate when one of my cousins got taken away from my family.
Little bear was an American Indian leader. He was the leader of many wars that the indians faught in. I can relate to this because my great grandfather fought in World War 2.
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