make the cut

-YOU underlined and in caps, points directly to the reader -implies that joining the war will leave a lasting influence on generations to come
-blatant call to join the war -images and text both show that the war is ready for them, all they have to do is take the initiative to enlist -"be honest with yourself" implies they want to fight
-Hitlers around the phone booth listening to a call -hushed, small words imply the secrecy of the time and dangers of talking about certain war topics
-pictures make the war seen tough and manly, like every real man should join -despite the background, the man looks happy to serve his country in the army
-opportunity, badges people can earn from fighting in the war -not only good for your country, but it also gives you a sense of pride
-the big red cross in the middle makes it obvious what the Parachute Units are about -provides a different way to help in the war, and assist their soldiers -parachute is made to stand out in blue
-simple color scheme makes the image and especially text stand out -call to one's manliness and joining the war
-propaganda aimed at British women to join the army and help the way they can -army woman and the bold print gives the poster a feeling of a noble cause
-gives a different feeling of army recruitment, since they state the amount of money you can make in the army -image makes it seem like a worthy job, not too dangerous
-picture directly pointing at the reader gives it a more confrontational feeling -direct aim at one's patriotism, using words like "briton," "country," and "king."
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