Angelica's Gallery

A look through my eyes

This Organ caught my eye due to its beautiful explosion of colors. The pattern seems to be of different designs in pastel like colors. This is a musical instrument therefore part of its art is music
This particular piece looks like it was used with oil paints . The subject is about a woman giving the other a tarot card reading. The architecture seems to be the style of somewhere in Spain.
This piece is a sculpture depicting a mother and daughter. The tone is that of love. It expresses the relationship they have.
The media used for this piece is photography. The tone is happiness. The young lady is representing dance. The black and white setting express perfectly the time period. The 20's.
Another look at a mother child relationship piece. I am not quite sure what style of pain this is, however it looks like it was used with oil paints. The tone seems to be somewhat darker.
The paint is clearly watercolor. The tone to me is thoughtful. The colors are ocean themed so blue's, red's, and purple's. The subject refers to the Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid".
Credits: All media
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