A Life Of Isolation

No matter who the ruler is at the time we can always feel suppressed. Gilgamesh was very strong but death was the only thing capable of putting fear in his eyes. Death was the ruler of Gilgamesh as the isolation of Marji's life had been. Gilgamesh was a tyrant but he was very much looked up to as a king and even viewed as a god by some. Marji had to deal with the islamic regime and was forced to live on her own which at first nearly felt like exile. In a way they both felt like outcast's which only kept them further away from their people.

The people of URUK look up to their King Gilgamesh the powerful, expert, protector, and the lonely. Even though these people have so many reasons to look up to him in this picture he is a statue of clear different size representing how he felt around his own people.
This picture depicts hows Gilgamesh was feeling when he lost his dearest friend Enkidu. His head was not functioning properly and felt very distant from the world. He was there physically but his head was in the clouds. Marji felt a similar way the first time when she was first sent to vienna. Her body and faith remained in Iran while her mind was subject to western culture in Vienna.
This picture depicts how Marji feels seperated from everyone else. She will stand even when everyone else is sitting just to stand out. With all that was happening in her life she felt very astray, and this is how she showed it. This picture could also depict how Gilgamesh felt around his people since they constantly kept their heads down but continued to kneel before him.
This stairwell is worn down and has no end. It is a representation of how life will always represent struggles and there is no way to know where they will take us. What we do know is that the stairs keep going and life goes on. The colors of this staircase are dull and give you a feel of what isolation can feel like.
These dogs represent Enkidu and Gilgamesh chasing down Humbaba of the Cedar forest. Even though their enemy was much more fierce they were still able to defeat the opponent. Even though they are supposed to be fighting together they are painted different colors to represent how their conscious was very different about the whole situation.
This picture is a reflection of one man pointing a gun at himself. It is a representation of how you are the greatest danger to yourself. Gilgamesh kept himself from being the best king he could be. Marji was holding herself back from being all that she could be.
This picture represents how hard it is to establish a statue of power that every one can look up to. In Gilgamesh it was a big door for Humbaba and for Maarji it was the martyr's.
The people who try to lead can end up being consumed by the people while someone will stand over watching and do nothing. For Marji all of the leaders were prisoners to the regime and outside nations did nothing to help. For Gilgamesh the gods stood by and did not help when his excursions consumed him to to point of no return.
This could be a picture of what Tehran looked like during the war. It also could represent how the people of Uruk felt when Gilgamesh ran off after Enkidu's death.
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