Civil rights movement

The Civil Rights movement began in the 1950's. Civil rights is about moving toward a world where all people are treated fairly. 

This picture shows the date and location of the huge march in Washington D.C. In this march about 250,000 people march to the Lincoln memorial.
This armband was a way people in the civil rights movement protested. They were protesting against the Birmingham Bombing.
This button labeled SNCC is from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The committee was about fighting for equally without violence and the deaths of innocent people.
Again this picture depicts people fighting back against the Birmingham Bombings.
On Market Street near the Civic Center people march in a protests for civil rights.
In this picture you can see multiple things they were fighting for. Some examples would be voting rights, segregated schools, and job opportunities.
Here is a button featuring Martin Luther Kings and his belief in nonviolence and peaceful protesting.
Here MLK talks and works this government officials ignored to create a better world for african americans during the 1960's.
This picture features the huge issue that was separated schools. They are fighting against the idea of separate but equal and want to move into integrated schools.
Here both black and white people alike for fighting for freedom to live in integrated neighborhoods and schools.
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