This gallery includes works that were created during the 20th century.

This work is very realistic. It stretches far out into the distance and fades into the background at the horizon line. It includes people, one of them close up, but many are in the middle-ground.
This work includes many living things. Manmade structures stand tall in the background. It is very detailed is very organic.
This work it made up of different shapes with differnt textures. It shows a city with an interesting point of veiw.
This work is monochromatic. It was created using watercolor and pen. It shows a house and uses different shades of purple for the shading
This work shows bold pen strokes painted with mainly cool colors. There are warm colors such as one of the roofs of a house on the left.
This work was created with 4 very contrasting colors white, black, blue, and red.
In this landscape the artist draws a stream at the base of a hill.
This work has no particularly interesting features. to get the experience of the work, you need to view the whole thing
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